Aug-28-2018 01:42:03 PM
Thank YOU for a Fantastic First 2 Months Online!

Dear customers,

Wow - time really flies when you're busy making sure that everything is running smoothly, right?

Wherever in the world you may be, we have a simple and single message for you all.

It has been two months since Mineiro launched, and the entire team would like to humbly thank you for choosing to join, use and support the world's leading cloud crypto mining solution.

Each day brings so much new excitement and development along with it. Our advanced servers and network infrastructure are all ticking along with good, consistent maintenance, our website and apps are running smoothly.

And most of all, our pro team of crypto analysts, advisors and engineers are having an absolutely brilliant time ensuring that each of you enjoy as much profitability as possible!

We've come so far in such a short time and we could not have done it with each and every one of our valued community of users, which only keeps growing due to your fantastic efforts in sharing our platform with all of your friends!

So once again, everyone on the team would like to say a huge THANK YOU!

We're so excited to keep revealing the plans that we have in place over the upcoming months.
Momentum is rising so watch this space for new updates and opportunities as the Mineiro team continue to push the limits of your crypto profitability.

Until then, we wish you happy mining and all of the best in your daily ventures.

Best regards,
The Mineiro Team

Aug-2-2018 02:37:59 PM
Mineiro needs YOU! Contribute to cloud crypto mining greatness!

Phew, it's been a hot one recently hasn't it! We're only pleased that with Mineiro your crypto profitability is every bit as hot as the heatwave that's been running rampant through so many countries around the world.

A big part of what makes Mineiro the leading cloud crypto mining platform is our openness to improvement and that's exactly what we're writing to you about today.

We spend hours of every day deep in development to keep pushing the boundaries of what our ecosystem can do and are pretty sure that our consistently growing user base is testament to the success of that endeavour.

However, here's where YOU have the chance to help make an even bigger difference, boosting the profitability of the Mineiro experience for your global community and you!

That's right – no matter how many expert developers we call upon, often the most incredible ideas come from the average user. That's right, YOU!

Have you been using Mineiro and at any point thought "hey, there's a better way that they could have gone about that"?

Perhaps something to be improved, perhaps a new feature. Anything from design and technical aspects to marketing itself. We want to hear from you!

We bet some of you have had these brainwaves, and now we invite you to share that idea with us. Don't worry, we don't bite! In fact, every suggestion that is implemented by our development team will receive a reward of $100USD. Maybe you even have a selection of great ideas – send them all over!

We really look forward to hearing your ideas and will be sharing news of those bright sparks in future newsletters to come. Email your great ideas to

Until then, happy mining!

Jul-23-2018 05:43:51 PM
Mineiro’s Bounty Program is Now Active!

Hi there,

We hope you’re doing well and having a fantastic, profitable summer with Mineiro.

Today we’re announcing the launch of our own Bounty Program, an initiative used by many blockchain start-ups to generate further interest in their platforms and rewarding those who do it.

We have a range of bounties available to all of our users that you can discover so please do check them out.

Whether through social media, YouTube, blogging or community creation, see how easily you can become an even more integral part of the global Mineiro community!

There’s nothing we enjoy more than making Mineiro as profitable as possible for every one of our users so keep an ear out as we share the successes of our first big bounty hunters and innovate even more ways to make Mineiro the best cloud crypto mining platform out there.

Until next time, happy mining!

The Mineiro Team

Jul-17-2018 05:37:43 PM
Elevate your Mineiro experience with our Exclusive Representatives Program!

Dear customers,

Summer is now truly upon us! Everyone here at Mineiro HQ is absolutely loving it and we hope you are too, wherever around the world you may be.

Whether you’re relaxing at home or off on holiday adventures, your Mineiro account will keep ticking and keep bringing you the most lucrative cloud crypto trading experience out there. No expensive mining rig, no hours and hours learning technical knowledge – just pure crypto mining profitability.

Fuelled by our crack squad of crypto trading pros, you can use Mineiro to rent hashing power that is instantly and intelligently applied to the most profitable investments.

No other platform offers consistent daily returns averaging up to 2.8%, 24/7 friendly customer service, and total freedom to conclude mining contracts at any time. But what if you want to push the profitability of Mineiro even further?

You have most likely heard of our Representative Program and that’s for good reason!

Representatives earn a massive 5% on all referral deposits, meaning that your rewards climb exponentially in accordance to the number of new users you invite.

This is a perfect opportunity for absolutely anyone – from those who simply have a few friends interested in penetrating the seemingly exclusive realm of crypto mining, to those who hold social media followings of any size!

It’s never been easier and so rewarding to dive into the world of cloud crypto mining – become a Mineiro Representative today and amplify the commission you earn throughout the platform, as well as gain access to a host of exclusive opportunities.

To start the process of becoming a Mineiro Representative, write to us at with your contact details and a short explanation of why you believe you would make a fantastic addition to the Mineiro Representatives Program.

We look forward to hearing from you and aim to respond to all applications within 24 hours!

Until then, keep enjoying the sun as much as your climbing crypto profits!

The Mineiro Team

Jul-3-2018 04:51:19 PM
Mineiro says "thanks!" for all of your support

We hope you are enjoying your summer and making the most of the sun - not that that's hard, especially when there is currently a huge heatwave across many countries.

It's been a fantastic start since we launched Mineiro and the entire team would like to thank each of you for all of your kind support up to this point.

With over 5000 users in our first couple of days, we could not have expected a better turnout. It's been truly a delight to create then provide you with access to the world's most advanced cloud crypto mining platform.

Now we look forward to bringing you many exciting updates as we continue to refine the Mineiro platform and, as a result, your crypto mining experience.

Remember to invite as many of your friends as you wish so that you too can share in the open-ended profitability of Mineiro's generous referral rewards.

And don't forget to check out the official Mineiro Telegram ( group where you can connect with others, gain exclusive insights, meet members of our pro crypto mining team and more.

Until then, happy mining and don't forget to apply sun cream!

Jun-28-2018 09:17:13 PM
We are online!

Dear customers,

Wherever in the world you may be, we hope you are doing well, and are proud to welcome you to the very first Mineiro newsletter! Everyone here on the team is delighted to be opening our doors to the public after a long, dedicated development phase.

It’s been a fantastic path to get to this point yet this is only the beginning. And when we say that we’re thrilled you could join us – we really mean it.

The world of crypto mining is confusing, expensive and elitist. At Mineiro, our goal was to end these prejudices. Crypto mining success with zero hassle – that is the ethos behind Mineiro and we’ve made it, bringing crypto enthusiasts of every level the unique opportunity to master this exclusive, lucrative realm.

You are the latest to join our thriving global community but by no means the last – prepare to enjoy the potent benefits of crypto mining without needing to spend any of the time, knowledge or money that it used to cost. Purely profit!

Mineiro consists of a small yet leading team of professionals dedicated to maximising returns on your purchased hashing power. Our diverse team of pro crypto miners and market analysts use the world’s most advanced mining hardware to access a diverse, unbiased portfolio featuring the world's most popular cryptocurrencies – mining right so you win big.

And thanks to our generous referral platform, it’s never been more profitable to bring your friends in. For every deposit made by your referrals, you stand to make up to 5%. It’s pays to shout about Mineiro!

That’s all for now – we’re just delighted you could join us and play a part in this exciting journey. Stay tuned for our upcoming newsletters that will feature all of the latest Mineiro news as well as many exclusive opportunities for our members to add to their luck!

Until then, happy mining!

Best regards,
The Mineiro Team