Smart multi-cryptocurrency mining platform

Simply rent your hashing power then sit back as Mineiro drums up your cryptocurrency mining profits.

Making the moves for you to master the world of crypto mining.

Our team uses the most advanced hardware so you can enjoy every benefit of crypto mining without breaking the bank.

Mineiro is the world’s most advanced cloud cryptomining platform. Enthusiasts of all levels can profit significantly by purchasing hashing power that is then channelled by our professional miners into the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies, generating you the biggest possible rewards!

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Mining made easy

UK based tech company with a vision of making crypto mining easy and accessible for everyone in any part of the globe.

Smart mining

Now you can mine the most profitable cryptocurrencies for miners, without needing any hardware.

Safe and Secure

We ensure your total data safety with state-of-the-art encryption and 24/7 security monitoring.

Hashing power - The higher the amount of contribution, the higher the hashing power.

Rent hashing power via mining contracts.



  • Hashing Power : <= 3,800 MH/s
  • Min :10 USD
  • Max :4,999.99 USD


  • Hashing Power : <= 16,400 MH/s
  • Min :5,000 USD
  • Max :19,999.99 USD


  • Hashing Power : >= 17,600 MH/s
  • Min :20,000 USD
  • Max :No Limit






Partnership program

Our partnership program is a program where we award our members to invite new participants to our platform. Every Mineiro user benefits from our base Partnership Program. As well as Daily interest and other rewards, you enjoy 2% return on all deposits you atract. Those wanting more can join our Representatives Program. Learn More

Pure crypto mining profit – no equipment or know-how needed!

Thanks to the use of smart mining technologies, your daily interest rate is fixed and cannot be influenced by market volatility, and your hashing power will be adjusted according to your interest rate. Your current hashing power can be seen in your personal account.

Thank YOU for a Fantastic First 2 Months Online!   Aug-28-2018 01:42:03 PM

It has been two months since Mineiro launched, and the entire team would like to humbly thank you for choosing to join, use and support the world's leading cloud crypto mining solution.

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Mineiro needs YOU! Contribute to cloud crypto mining greatness!   Aug-2-2018 02:37:59 PM

A big part of what makes Mineiro the leading cloud crypto mining platform is our openness to improvement and that's exactly what we're writing to you about today.

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